Legal Translations

Our agency is well acquainted that language and the legal standards vary from Country to Country, and for this reason the legal translations demand specialized translators.
Our translators are well cognizant of these differences as the majority of them are qualified professionals and experts in the legal area and with unmatchable expertise to they can apply the correct nomenclature by providing professional translations. A translated text, nevertheless its relation with a legal field should not be confused with a document that has legal value: if you are looking for a translation that has legal value, it means that you require a certified or legalized translation, a service that SCS International SAGL can, of course, provide you with.

Legal Translations

By the virtue of unmatched experience and expertise in providing legal translations, we mention below some of the documents that we translate:

  • contracts
  • judgments
  • appeals
  • title deeds
  • notarial deeds
  • power of attorney
  • articles of association
  • registration with the Registrar of Commerce
  • transcripts of testimony and depositions
  • legal notices
  • confidentiality agreements
  • certifications and legal statements
  • laws and regulations
  • legal and governmental relations
  • patents and trademarks
  • letters of credit
  • technical documents in support of litigation
  • licenses
  • trials

Confidentiality of Information

All our collaborators are bound by professional secrecy and have signed non-disclosure business agreements, because for our company, the confidentiality and the security of information are of primary importance.

All the assignments carried out by us shall remain confidential: our translators are very meticulous about the peculiar nature of this industry and they work in full compliance with the attorney-client norms.

Certifications and Legalization

Do you need to submit administrative documents to an entity that requires an official translation or is intended for use in a Foreign Country? Besides our legal translation services, we also offer translations with requisite certification and/or legalization to our customers. Based on the requirements of the customer and the destination country of the document that is to be translated, we undertake proper procedures for its legalization so that the translated text is valid even abroad.

All you need to do is simply specify the destination Country of the translation and leave the rest on us.

For your legal translation queries, please do not hesitate to email us at along with the attached file that you wish to get translated. You will receive, as soon as possible, our estimate with delivery times of the translation.