Translations FAQ

How is the cost of a translation calculated?

The measuring unit adopted by SCS International SAGL is a line of 50 characters spaces included, or 50 keystrokes. The cost of a translation varies according to the language combination, the type of text to be translated and the probable request of urgency. For a quote or further information, please email us at info@swisstranslations.com

We will respond as soon as possible.

How long does it take to complete translation?

The time taken for the translation varies, depending on the length of the text to be translated and its complexity of the requested language. In the quotation, you will also find the execution time and the delivery time of the scripts. In case of urgency, simply indicate the same with your request and we will take required action to offer the best possible delivery time.

What is the selection criterion for your collaborators?

SCS International SAGL collaborates only with native speakers, which means that each of them functions by translating the script into his mother tongue only. All the translators have been selected with the utmost care on the basis of their professional experience and expertise in various fields, depending on whether it is technical translation, legal, scientific and so on.

How can I obtain a quote?

It could not get easier! Just send us an email with the text you wish to translate and you shall receive a detailed quote including the cost, delivery time and the method of execution chosen according to your needs. In each case, you will need to send the text to be translated to enable our operators to count the length of the text and to formulate a precise proposal. The request for an estimate carries no obligations and is free of cost. All the documents sent to us will be treated with the utmost confidentiality.

What guarantees are there that the translated text is correct?

The selection of professional translators and native speakers with many years of experience is undoubtedly the utmost guarantee to ensure the correctness of the translation, accuracy with the original text and adequacy in terms of the terminology used. Furthermore, before the delivery to the customer, the text is thoroughly revised by a second translator for the final quality control. If the translation should contain errors, the customer shall have the right to get the translation corrected. However, the correction of the translation shall be excluded if these shortcomings are caused by the customer, for example, in the case of incomplete or incorrect information, delivery of incorrect original texts.

For which languages ​​do you offer the translation services?

We offer translations in more than 100 languages.
A list of the major languages ​​we deal in is available on the LANGUAGES page.

Is it possible to translate a document in several languages?

Certainly! Just indicate the required languages in your quote request.

What guarantees do I have on the delivery time?

SCS International SAGL ensures compliance with the delivery times.
Please view the terms and conditions for details.

What procedures do you adopt for confidentiality?

All our collaborators are bound by professional secrecy and have signed non-disclosure business agreements, because for our company, the confidentiality and the security of information are of primary importance.

All work carried out by us shall remain confidential: our translators are very careful about the particular nature of this industry and they work in full respect for confidentiality.

For additional information please do not hesitate to contact us.